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Pressure is mounting to enforce the lockdown-equivalent of super-gluing every citizen in the land to their living room sofa to prevent us all from dying of COVID-19. One has to question the morality of blanket, state-enforced lockdowns.

Holding the Contrary View

One of the drawbacks of being a lockdown sceptic – I’m one of them – is that some people assume we’re heartless, selfish, right-wing nutjobs. It’s further assumed that our preferred strategy for responding to COVID-19 is to let the virus rip through society and then – to mix metaphors – leave every man for himself; let Darwin’s rules prevail; let the Devil take the hindmost; let herd immunity save us all because I’m alright Jack and, above all else, we need to get back to work and earn loadsamoney. Sort of thing. I’ve friends of mine whom I suspect might allocate this stereotype to me.

Interestingly, one of…

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