I think it’s deliberate. The World Economic Forum have openly stated they are planning ‘The Great Reset’ i.e. the NWO. I think the Covid pandemic is being used as cover for this.

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I’ve been mute for a while, for one good reason or another. However, the pressure to comment on the Covid debacle has become overwhelming. Therefore, I decided to post an early Christmas Message on the matter. I’ve changed names and locations to protect the innocent. This is madness on steroids.

At the time of writing, Scotland’s National Clinical Director (who’s a dentist in fact, but there you go) has just told me to ‘get your digital Christmas ready’. How exciting! On Professor Leitch’s Wikipedia page, under ‘Awards and Honours’, Prof Leitch is attributed with being ‘The Grinch who stole Christmas 2020’. We shouldn’t be surprised at this accolade. I have in my possession a confidential government document, ‘The UK Government’s Coronavirus Strategy’. Opening the document (well, it comprises one paragraph actually), it says, ‘Oh my God! We’re all going to die…

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Retired Managing Director, tired world traveller, cynic, brassed off voter, obsessive current affairs nerd and hater of the EU, BBC, liberals, Marxists, SJWs and snowflakes

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