THE SATURDAY ESSAY: What’s the point of an Opposition that doesn’t oppose?

The latest ‘Slog’ post. A good read and an excellent analysis of where we are politically, although profoundly disturbing. Seems like we are in for a very rough ride in the near future. I hope John Ward is right about the coming EU elections and the traditional parties get a sound thrashing and the Brexit Party – or indeed UKIP- win the majority of seats, but the powers that be don’t seem to care either way and Treason May will twist the result to pretend it’s a temporary aberration and the bent MSM will play it down or ignore it.

I have never have felt so disillusioned with politics and the course my country has taken over these last 40 years.

The Slog.

methink2 Looked at with a jaundiced eye, Western nations and power blocs are no longer pluralist. We do not have legislative Oppositions any more that look to the future. Only Establishments inviting in power-greedy Alt States – while ignoring those who pay for them to do so. We have nothing beyond extra-Parliamentary Resistance. Such is far better than nothing; but only social-change-grounded, citizen-centric Parties and leaders can succeed in one day taking back power from the Corporatocracies emerging everywhere. The Slog highlights some of the obstacles in the way of getting there.


Today’s essay is a UK-Euro-American event that focuses on the growing role of various Alt (for Alternative) States and ideologies in our daily lives and probable futures. I dislike the term “deep State” because such élites are now above ground and obvious; and I think “Surveillance State” is far too narrow. There are several Alt States at…

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Moraymint Chatter

Democracy-1Standing Up For What You Believe In

This is about standing up and being counted. A number of my friends, good friends, are dismayed at my decision to join The Brexit Party, still more dismayed at my decision to stand as an election candidate – which I have done. Nigel Farage called me at home a couple of weeks ago to tell me that I was a promising potential election candidate and that The Brexit Party would be following through with my application to stand in the next General Election.

At the risk of putting words into their mouths, by and large those dismayed friends of mine seem to believe that the EU Referendum decision of the majority of the British electorate, that the UK should leave the EU, was some sort of grotesque political aberration which we’ll live to regret. I may be wrong in that assertion, but it’s…

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ANALYSIS: Our Easter ruined by Their geopolitics

The Slog.

me11 Easter accords in Ireland, Easter deaths in the Sri Lankan island, and the appeasement of anti-integrationist Islamic forces in the United Kingdom. In this extended post, The Slog digs beneath received Truth to reveal facts that will alarm, surprise and inform those with an open mind. Needless to say, the thing uncovered by the dig is a sarcophogus of perverted power lust.


The review of the newspapers on Sky yesterday morning took but a few minutes to fulfil my hunch that the death of Lyra McKeewould start Remainers drivelling on about the Easter Sunday Accord “and how fragile it really is and yet now finds it’s existence threatened because of Brexit”. The unfair illogic of that “analysis” is exceeded only by the muddle inside the head of the young woman who posited it. But it was all so tediously predictable.

Over on Twitter meanwhile, there was an…

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A less than Happy Easter beckons as our Establishment continues to crucify Civil Rights

The Slog.

win_20190127_120025 Yet more evidence is emerging to confirm a growing belief among thinking Brits: that both major Parties will do anything – sign away sovereignty, restrict democracy, lie incessantly and connive with malign Superstate interests – to gain power for themselves. An overly broad grant of political power is the antithesis of free speech. Those who value it should now join together in defending it.


In an astonishing drift towards Soviet democracy, 300 council seats in England have been guaranteed for one party or individual before a single ballot has been cast, weeks before the May 2nd polling day.

The closed shop of shoo-in candidates affects around 850,000 voters across Britain. 150 councillors will win their seats without a single vote being cast. In these wards the candidates are running uncontested meaning these candidates ‘win’ their seats automatically. And Parties or independent candidates have also been guaranteed an…

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French letter: Paris, brule-t-il?

Top article this. Funny goings on at the Notre Dame

The Slog.

We most assuredly do inhabit an astonishingly ugly human world imposed upon a beautiful life-giving planet. It is to my eternal shame that last Monday night, as I watched Notre Dame engulfed by Danté’s inferno, I thought, “Thank Christ, something else to write about beyond f**king Brexit”.

But we are all human. The world is rendered ugly by the 3% of us who are inhuman, and the 5% who service them, if you’ll pardon the expression. The rest of us just muddle along and accept that we are all, at various times, capable of both horribly base and remarkably selfless behaviour.

For those of sound mind, it is far too early to reach conclusions on how and why Notre Dame was so severely damaged on Monday evening. But not for the French sureté. At 3am Tuesday morning, they and the Paris prosecutor’s office said they would – get this –  “carry…

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The truth about Theresa May’s “flexible” extension

The Slog.


It cannot have escaped anyone’s attention that Theresa May always looks more at home among the Brussels neocons than she does when facing the House of Commons. Perhaps, being a parson’s daughter, she is more at home telling the truth to eurocrats than lying to MPs. In this third and final part of today’s three-parter, we look at the Devil in the detail of the Prime Minister’s less than flexible flextension agreement with the EU.

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Part 3: Dirty Dancing with the Dictators

Having coined the term ‘Brextension’, I was somewhat miffed to discover the British MSM had decided that ‘flextension’ – a risible bit of Orwellian Newspeak that emanated from Donald Tusk’s office – was a better description of the new October 31st phoney war. The more I delved into the details of the October 31st extension, the angrier I got. Far from…

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