How Do You Know What You Know?

By John Booth

This coronavirus and our pathetic government’s overreaction to it together with the MSM scaremongering has split the whole country. We have been turned into two rival groups, the Lockdown Sceptics and the Bedwetters.

The Bedwetters believe everything they hear from the government, the ‘scientists’ and the MSM, don’t question it or seek out evidence and behave accordingly by acting scared shitless, over-exaggerate social distancing and jump backwards if you walk towards them while not wearing a mask.

The Lockdown Sceptics started asking questions about what the ‘scientists’ told them started looking for evidence, questioned what they were hearing and reading and as a result are not scared shitless, and try to behave as normally as they can, including not wearing a mask or strictly observing the 2 metre ‘rule’.

The Sceptics understand what is meant by ‘How Do You Know What You Know’? The Bedwetters do not understand How They Know They Know. They do not know what they ‘know’ or why they believe it. These people are the targets of our government’s Social Behaviour experiment and these Bedwetters are the reason the government is getting away with the removal of our civil liberties and freedom.

This video explains. The Lockdown Sceptics will understand the message in this video immediately. The Bedwetters will be harder to convince, but it might just convert some from one camp to the other.

Frankly, our future depends on the Skeptics eventually outnumbering the Bedwetters. Enjoy the video and the message!

Cancelled by Twitter


Forty-nine months ago, in July 2016, I tentatively opened a Twitter account, without really having a clue as to what to expect. Under its @supportourlefty handle, it quickly gained a small handful (around 30) of followers – mostly people who already knew me for my irreverent comments on certain websites, notably the Guardian’s ironically-titled ‘Comment Is Free’ site, as well as the Guido Fawkes and Going Postal websites.

It took me quite a while to get to grips with Twitter, partly because, as a naturally verbose writer, I found its (then) 140-character limit very restrictive. Things became a great deal easier for me in late 2017, when the limit was doubled to 280 characters, where it has remained ever since.

Rather to my surprise – and, I have to confess, pleasure – my account became increasingly popular, and by the time it was suspended eight days ago, it had garnered…

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There is no ‘second wave’, no ‘spike’, just more testing which, surprise, surprise finds more infections. But they are not new cases, they are old ones. The only data that matters is deaths and hospital admissions due to Covid. The number of infections is a smokescreen. Because the virus is disappearing, to keep up the presence of a deadly pandemic, the government and their advisors no longer talk about deaths, but ‘new infections’.

There is no second wave. Johnson’s and the ‘scientists’ latest mantra about ‘the danger of a second wave’ is pure scaremongering to keep us subdued and compliant and to readily accept another lockdown this winter.

The Slog


Sir Paul Nurse (left) tells The Guardian he believes the lack of openness on Covid19 decision-making stores up problems for the future. “What worries me is that we have an increasingly technocratic and complex society and we are going to increasingly need complex discussions involving science and the use of science that will impact on policy,” he said.

Sir Paul’s outburst is a direct attack on unaccountable flakes. We should all welcome it.

Last weekend’s Slogpostdid, I accept, give the impression that I have a down on all medical researchers. That isn’t the case – I have the highest regard for the good ones; it’s just the corrupted and ideologically rigid ones of whom I don’t approve….and the brainless political generalists who listen to their “advice” – in awe, like so many children suspended by every word from the Kindergarten headmistress.

One such good guy and admirable Nobel Prizewinner…

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THE SATURDAY ESSAY: Is it time for Civil Disobedience against the Covid19 cult of failed advice?

The Slog


This is today. It is not 1933. But the global mob rule we are witnessing is as old as the hills. As old, in fact, as the ancient Greeks who warned that the Herd Instinct, when married to Herd Ignorance, would inevitably lead to the Führerprinzip.

Plato predicted this earlier than most, but latterly George Orwell offered us a more exact description. For some forty years now, the Internationalist bourgeois Left has treated Nineteen Eighty-Four as a blueprint. Bizarrely, the globalist/blocist Corporate State builders have been doing exactly the same.

So for example, the Guardian’s Executive Editor instructed her journalists in 2016 to call Climate Change doubters deniers. This same collective noun is now being extended to Covid19 empiricists. But at the same time, unelected bureaucracies have promoted those like top UK civil servant Sir Mark Sedwill and US Global Pharma creature Dr Fauci to positions of enormous power and…

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Covd19’s Second Wave: Boris Johnson descends into the Twilight Zone

The Slog

me9719The bollocks about Covid19 continues unabated. Our blond Turk helmsman Bojo the Ethereal Ancient Greek Minotaurshitter discerns a new upcoming EU virus horror: Covid Tsuname2 – the Revenge of the Believers. But the data tell a different story.

Would you lock up your economy based on these C19 death numbers?

Country                     Today                 Yesterday

Spain                               2                            5

Italy                                 3                            6

France                           16             …

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THE SATURDAY ESSAY: The best Covid19 whodunnit hypothesis

The Slog

Who were the masked men behind the development, infamy and fear of Covid19?

Between March 22nd and July 24th 2020, I wrote 62 posts about Covid19 – variously trying to dispel myths, put all the stats into a global context, examine oddities of government behaviour, and combat the ridiculous idea first floated by Boris Johnson, “This is a battle for the survival of the human race”.

In fact, what’s at stake is the future of the human race: will ordinary citizens regain their sense of being able to control the dark tendencies of their rulers….or will they just roll over and become forever dependent children?

But in the hurly-burly of fear, panic, media exaggeration and at times preposterous contradictions in the information being given out over the last four months, the subject of ‘how Covid19 came about’ has been largely neglected. I suspect most commentators took the view that the…

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The Slog

Why do hacks never ask the questions real people want answers to?

When a balanced history of Contrick19 is finally written, it remains my expectation that the social, broadcast and press media will be the recipients of the most almighty drubbing in communications history….if, that is, the freedom to publish via internet and print books still exists.

This is not exactly breaking news for those who are awake and still firmly fixed by gravity onto the real world of Planet Earth. But the best form of providing foundations for an opinion will always be exemplification by the use of unanswered questions about the mismatch between ‘official’ narratives and the objective data.

This post offers a primer – for all those ideologue “reporters” in contemporary Western media sets – about what Robin Day and Ed Murrow used to do, and Forrest Tucker at Fox News still does.

Albeit set largely in…

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The Slog

The issue with Covid19 is not the virus itself, but how people have reacted to it

Yesterday I was in my local épicerie (the staff there are funnier than anything you’ll find on TV) and, being a Saturday morning, families were out in force.

I saw parents with three kids under seven all wearing carefully sized and colour coordinated masks. I saw the staff (all masked) putting high-alcohol cleaner on the caisse after every customer.

Outside in the village, people queued to get into the boulangerie with a sort of resigned acceptance. All wearing masks.

I saw 16 year old kids on Scooters wearing masks

Walking down the street alone, driving cars, making deliveries….all wearing masks. My local village has a child-rearing profile these days. A good 90% of everyone I saw has as much chance of dying from Covid19 as I do of replacing Putin as Emperor of the…

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OPINION: Access to the Truth is being closed off, while fear is being openly inflated

The Slog

The headline above is not news to those who are awake (as opposed to ‘woke’) but there remains a very real need to spread the word about media complicity in an increasingly corporate fascist world. Not surprisingly, Covid19 disinformation looms large.

Facebook has had a facelift. It chose to launch it while the bandages were still on. Several features now say ‘Sorry, we didn’t get round to that yet’. Links to one’s various pages are absent.

Twitter has also “updated” itself: The Top Ten trends have been replaced by what Twitter thinks are important trends. The ability to look at trends in other countries has gone AWOL.

The blog software system WordPress has introduced a new ‘block posting’ system – which is aptly named, because it is largely in the way. The Categories button doesn’t work. The specialist symbols facility has disappeared. Functions that formerly required a single click now…

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Ghislaine Maxwell: how and why the Trump entourage has ensured Witness Protection for its nuclear weapon

The Slog

The revelations on offer from Ghislaine Maxwell, if they see the light of day, will reduce the Democratic Party to rubble. This time, Donald Trump has prepared the ground more thoroughly than he did for Jeffrey Epstein. The Slog examines the very high stakes involved….the nature of which are almost unknown to Anglo-Saxon audiences.

Ghislaine Maxwell made her first New York courtroom appearance today – a bail hearing 99.999% unlikely to grant her any.

She was arrested by the FBI in New Hampshire. President Trump has a better relationship with that agency than he does with the CIA, but all things are relative: the Donald loathes the CIA and most of its works.

The liberal WAPO-to-NY Times media axis increasingly follow a narrative suggesting that Trump is a tyrant who bullies both agencies. The truth is that Donald Trump spends half his daily existence trying to demonstrate that the Surveillance…

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