EXPLOSIVE: Is this the reason why Farage chose to leave the Tories alone in their heartlands?

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Today has already been very strange in many ways, and as I write it’s only just coming up to 5.30 pm GMT. Do we really know everything about The Brexit Party’s decision?


In an astonishing volte face likely to dilute his credibility irreversibly, Nigel Farage today announced that his Brexit Party will not stand in any of the 317 seats held by the Conservatives. As far as I’ve been able to establish at this point, he is receiving nothing as a quid pro quo in constituencies where the Tories have a low chance of taking over from Labour or the LibDems.


The move is a more formal but very similar decision to the one he took to give ‘a clear field’ to Theresa May in the 2017 election. And as we all know, that really went well.

It leaves millions of angry Conservative voters with no way to…

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SAM: Now Watson runs from gunfire as push for tactical voting gets under way

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Watsonquit.PNGIf political swamp-dwellers keep on resigning at this rate, The Slog may have to mothball its secret weapon SAM – Send a Message – and simply wait for all the chocolate soldiers to melt.

Regular Slog target Philip Hammond signed off sick with a note from his Mum last week: locals to the seat tell me the largely pro-Brexit Tory activists there weren’t about to break into a sweat to defend the bloke who may well have left us with a Trillion-euro liability at the EIB.

And now we see that Tom ‘Nazi-finder General’ Watson (left) has resigned as an MP in order to focus fulltime on his crusade against sugar. This had nothing, of course, to do with the fact that in West Bromwich, George Galloway is already outpolling him.

Looks like Tom has already got the message.However, after those leaving by the back door before…

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If Boris Johnson accepts the EU’s offer of an extension, genuine Leave voters will have no choice but to desert the Conservative Party


Various UK media have been crawling all over the hints and leaks from a Brussels “keen to make clear its neutrality” this morning. It is looking increasingly like a 3-month extension. BUT the clauses in it that I saw last night made brutally clear to anyone who’s awake that the EC is being anything but neutral.

Apart from brief mentions, I have yet to see any newspaper or TV channel highlighting this hugely disturbing form of words….as distributed to EU leaders over the weekend:

“In order to obtain the extension, the UK will be asked to accept officially that no further renegotiation of the Withdrawal Agreement will be possible”

This is a clear attempt to spike the guns of The Brexit Party at the next election…

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GETTING REAL: it’s all bollocks in Canadian gender wars, why WeWork didn’t work, the UK wants an election, the referendum result was not narrow, & how the US Fed censors New QE

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DSCN0276 This is the first of what I hope will be a regular feature at The Slog. I’m launching it because I suspect that damning unreal, mad belief systems as the cancer of our epoch doesn’t seem to cut through unless one presents examples fully accompanied by stats, research and science. If nothing else, I’m not going to run short of material. None of this, of course, will make any difference to Illiberal Demagogues and their unlikely allies among religious fanatics, boneheaded racists of all ethnicities and radical feminists. But then, it’s not aimed at them: it’s designed to arm and encourage Real People increasingly scared about speaking out against the growing power of fancy over fact.


Despite the general madness apparent in Canadians deciding to reelect their Prime Minister, here and there in that otherwise fine country there are a few glimmers of light trying to illuminate the…

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The Case for Voting for The Brexit Party

By John Booth

We have seen over the last few decades MPs troughing, the Establishment looking after themselves and in particular, the last 3¼ years of them laughing at us with their tricks and lies to stop Brexit. Now, they don’t even try to hide their deceit and true intentions or their disdain for us.

This is where we are in imo – there is no difference now between any of the political parties (perhaps the BXP, but they are untried and untested as of yet), no difference between any of the MSM, no difference between our ‘elite’ and the EU ‘elite’. None of them intend to be honest or keep their ‘promises’ and they aren’t hiding it anymore. The MSM are bought and paid for, they are working hand in glove with the government and the Establishment. None of them can be trusted.

But they want us to feel defeated and they want us to think it’s not worth voting anymore. This is their true intention, to batter us into submission. Which is why we must not submit and why we need to keep voting and get bigger and bigger turnouts for General Elections.

It is very clear now that a vote for ANY of the mainstream parties will guarantee that NOTHING WILL CHANGE.

I don’t believe anyone should be tempted to vote Tory just because May has gone and the fear of a Labour Marxist government. The present system must be smashed.

Our only chance is to vote Brexit Party in huge numbers, imo.

REVEALED: How Hammond the hypocrite gave away an NHS budget to help save his Brussels cronies

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“How great a man is he that he would lay down his country for his life?”

HammondcartPROLOGUE: this is what the Financial Times reported on June 15th 2017:

‘Philip Hammond is likely to increase the fears of UK infrastructure providers that they face being cut off from access to valuable European Investment Bank financing after Brexit, threatening projects spanning from trains to university libraries….he will not guarantee to fund a domestic replacement or set out an ambition to negotiate continued access to the EIB after 2019 under a special agreement with the EU27. Facing an end to EIB finance will be a serious blow to many providers of British infrastructure, since the bank has outstanding loans in the UK worth more than £48bn and has helped finance trains, trams, energy projects, universities, housing and water projects.’

 This was standard fearmongering stuff from the then Chancellor Philip Hammond…..naturally placed in…

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