How Do You Know What You Know?

By John Booth

This coronavirus and our pathetic government’s overreaction to it together with the MSM scaremongering has split the whole country. We have been turned into two rival groups, the Lockdown Sceptics and the Bedwetters.

The Bedwetters believe everything they hear from the government, the ‘scientists’ and the MSM, don’t question it or seek out evidence and behave accordingly by acting scared shitless, over-exaggerate social distancing and jump backwards if you walk towards them while not wearing a mask.

The Lockdown Sceptics started asking questions about what the ‘scientists’ told them started looking for evidence, questioned what they were hearing and reading and as a result are not scared shitless, and try to behave as normally as they can, including not wearing a mask or strictly observing the 2 metre ‘rule’.

The Sceptics understand what is meant by ‘How Do You Know What You Know’? The Bedwetters do not understand How They Know They Know. They do not know what they ‘know’ or why they believe it. These people are the targets of our government’s Social Behaviour experiment and these Bedwetters are the reason the government is getting away with the removal of our civil liberties and freedom.

This video explains. The Lockdown Sceptics will understand the message in this video immediately. The Bedwetters will be harder to convince, but it might just convert some from one camp to the other.

Frankly, our future depends on the Skeptics eventually outnumbering the Bedwetters. Enjoy the video and the message!


The Slog

Are the new vaccines adding anything to the mix? Why have we ordered so much of it? What exactly is Long Covid? Why have we stopped testing for it? Is Jonathan van-Tam for real? Why were we lied to about HCQ and Ivermectin? Why is Hancock spending money like there’s no tomorrow? How does this fit into the Great Reset? The questions and doubts about Coronavirus continue to mount, and are always evaded by government. Some seemingly established facts only add to the confusion. Truths are being obfuscated in a way that will could threaten the health of those demograpically well beyond God’s waiting room. The Slog investigates.

Time for some bizarre vaccine statements and numbers.

Last week, Jonathan van-Tam, England’s deputy chief medical officer, offered a weird warning: that vaccinated people should not assume they cannot pick up and transmit the virus. I read that, blinked, and then went on…

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The Slog

Judgement at Slogemburg

After four years of total Blitzkrieg against the Nazi Putinista CongressStürmer Untermenschen goaded into open revolt on the Wallstrasse Herrenvolk by self-styled Führer Donaldundblitzen Trümp, those of us blissfully beyond the Davos Reset Occupation Powers (DROP) must ask but one question: should we judge a US President by the company he keeps?

There are a series of clues in the analysis that follows, but here are the two main ones: first, all DROP narrative syntax is published in red; and second, so too are the global fallacies (and phalluses) that serve to keep the Reset Alliance of Opposites glued together. The picture presented by The Slog ihs one where Bandits for Biden shall not be verboten, but rather wesentlich….essential not forbidden.

Even before the festivities got going, Rupert Murdoch spawn James was the first horse’s ass to leap from the péages and trot out the New…

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The piano-wire hanging of Toby Young

The Slog

On a day during which the UK media surpassed themselves in broadcasting empty drama about Brazilian mutants, vaccines useless against new Covid19 strains, borders shut over fears of new variants and all eleven Brits ‘crippled’ by the nasty Covibrazil*, hidden away in all the verbiage was the awkward fact that coronavirus cases have dropped 23% in a week. But this didn’t stop the Fourth Estate from pounding Toby Young half to death in a Kangaroo Court that would be more at home in a Fourth Reich.

Toby Young, co-founder of the UK’s Free Speech Union, has become the next Covid19 contrarian to be media show-trialled for headlining his Telegraph article last July ‘When we have herd immunity Boris will face a reckoning on this pointless and damaging lockdown’ – a point of view shared by upwards of 35% of Britons.

Ipso (the “independent” press arbiter on such things) found…

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ANALYSIS: why half-starved State pensioners, underpaid NHS frontline medics & near-bankrupt small businesses are all on the same side.

The Slog

Your enemy is not Newscorp, or cheapskate Tories, Brussels, looney Labour, Brexit, Covid19 or recession. Your enemy is now the people they work for. All the power-links point the same way. Don’t be duped any more by national legislator promises that can’t be fulfilled: this is now a cause way beyond regional politics. Look instead for powerful and decent allies with whom to unite against the repression of the Gigarich Blob.

Mark Carney became Governor of the Bank of England in 2012. Two years earlier, the Tory/Libdem Coalition had come to power in the UK. George Osborne the British Chancellor (a man not endowed with a profound grasp of anything, let alone fiscal economics) justified the choice as he told the BBC’s Business Editor Robert Peston that Carney was the “outstanding choice” who would “bring a fresh perspective” to the job.

He was the first non-British BoE Governor in the…

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Moraymint Chatter

Pressure is mounting to enforce the lockdown-equivalent of super-gluing every citizen in the land to their living room sofa to prevent us all from dying of COVID-19. One has to question the morality of blanket, state-enforced lockdowns.

Holding the Contrary View

One of the drawbacks of being a lockdown sceptic – I’m one of them – is that some people assume we’re heartless, selfish, right-wing nutjobs. It’s further assumed that our preferred strategy for responding to COVID-19 is to let the virus rip through society and then – to mix metaphors – leave every man for himself; let Darwin’s rules prevail; let the Devil take the hindmost; let herd immunity save us all because I’m alright Jack and, above all else, we need to get back to work and earn loadsamoney. Sort of thing. I’ve friends of mine whom I suspect might allocate this stereotype to me.

Interestingly, one of…

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At the End of the Day

The Slog

I really cannot believe that the Covid19 catalogue of inaccurate data, gross alarmism and statistical error can be put down to “innocent mistakes”. Everyone involved in this mess is guilty of omission and/or deliberate hype. But who will prosecute the guilty?

Some of you will by now have read the astonishing post at Zero Hedge which provides conclusive evidence that the entire Covid19 global panicdemic was caused by Fauci’s data having a decimal point in the wrong place.

Ronald B. Brown of Waterloo University has penned a paper that appears in Disaster Medicine and Public Health Preparedness (Vol 14, No. 3): Public Health Lessons Learned From Biases in Coronavirus Mortality Overestimation. And you know what? The uncanny thing is that the modellers at Imperial College in London were also out by a factor of ten. Just fancy that.

Was it really an innocent mistake? I very much doubt…

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ANALYSIS: Covid19, the Democratic Party, Big Pharma cure-repression & the invented “need” for a vaccine

The Slog

To the left here is Dr Pierre Kory, President of the Frontline COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC), who three days ago called for the government to swiftly review the rapidly emerging medical evidence on Ivermectin. He is an honest man surrounded by the media power of depraved pharmaceutical fascism.

Remember that name: Ivermectin is a cheap drug in the “redeployed” sector of the market. If people start paying attention, thinking a little – and raising their eyes from the New York Times for just a few seconds every day – then Ivermectin has the capacity to reveal both the Democratic Party and the Pharmafia’s exploitation of Covid19. It has the power to out the State response to Coronavirus for exactly what it is now revealed to be: a quest for vast global profits, control over the citizen, and political power….at the expense of public health provision.

The data Kory quotes…

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All over the Place

The Slog


The growing doubts in relation to the Oxford Drug /Astrazeneca trials have not been helped by the revelation that the one good sample outcome they achieved was the result of dosage error – something of a speciality with Professor Peter Horby (left). Virusecrecy still rules in Britain – and if anything, it’s getting worse.

The somewhat glossed-over and devious presentation of the Oxford results left almost everyone confused, as further investigation of the data showed some alarmingly small sample sizes (any subgroup analysis should be specified in the protocol in advance and the RCT should be sufficiently powered for the sub-group analysis in order to have faith in the results). But the greatest confusion of all lies in what Horby’s real role in the project is.

In the Spring, we were informed by Horby that HCQ “has no beneficial effect”…

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Covid-19 is a scamdemic.

By John Booth

Now, please stop with the entire virus narrative – what we are witnessing are mass crimes and what we saw in March/April was mass euthanasia that was done in order to create the dead bodies for the orchestrated scheme to completely alter the current social order.

These governments know full well that “Covid” is being used as cover for crashing the economies in the Western world. There is not now and never has been a “pandemic”- that is all Kabuki theater to disguise the reality of rapid economic decline brought on by the Ponzi Schemes of financial institutions over the past few decades.

The US (and much of the Western world) is in economic free fall. This was occurring long before Covid Mania was engineered but now it is moving with much greater velocity.

The collapse started in 2008 and attempts to salvage this Leviathan have been failures only delaying the inevitable. Fast forward to 2019 and the crisis began to unravel again. There was a dramatic decrease in industrial production and then showed up in the banking crisis of August of 2019- the so-called Repo crisis when suddenly banks started to refuse US sovereign debt instruments as collateral of overnight loans forcing the Federal Reserve to step in and basically print money to cover this massive shortage.

So by the time the “Corona virus” appeared the economy of the United States and many other Western countries were in full blown collapse. The “Corona Virus” has proven to be very useful (poetically and coincidentally showed up just in time) by political leaders to mask (metaphor and reality) what was and is going on in the “real world” of the financial trenches. The economic destruction that it is being blamed for this is absolutely extraordinary.

We are suppose to pretend that it’s not economic policy decisions made through the years by financial parasites (who are now here to save and “reset” us) that are destroying our lives but some alien virus. It’s all lies.

From Corey Morningstar:
The devolving of physical relationships and whole societies, up against an accelerating, digitalized, virtual world is not a social dilemma. The leveraging of COVID-19, waged as a weapon against the citizenry, is not a social dilemma. Rather, this is the strategic destruction of the social. A social dismantling. A social deliquesce. A social nightmare.

For the Fourth Industrial Revolution to take hold, our global society must be socially engineered to accept, even prefer an artificial existence over that of a physical one. The saturation of the collective psyche with language and framing such as “tech for good” is strategic, a key method and means of obtaining the social license required for the Fourth Industrial Revolution “great reset.” The “watch dogs” put forward as reassurance to assuage a growing anxiety, thus a growing threat of backlash, serve not society, but the hand that feeds.

Physical is dangerous, digital is safe. Humans are lethal, technology is benign. Masks assist in dehumanising the human body. The conditioning for avoidance of human intimacy. Children learning not to touch. Nature is both separate and zoonotic – stay home, stay safe. Our deteriorating social fabric, already eroded from social media, and technology at large, has been doused with gasoline. It burns in silence behind a veil of willful blindness. Both isolated and detached from the physical presence of one another, and nature herself, we are in freefall. Remains of relationships in piles of invisible ashes.


I think it’s deliberate. The World Economic Forum have openly stated they are planning ‘The Great Reset’ i.e. the NWO. I think the Covid pandemic is being used as cover for this.

Moraymint Chatter

I’ve been mute for a while, for one good reason or another. However, the pressure to comment on the Covid debacle has become overwhelming. Therefore, I decided to post an early Christmas Message on the matter. I’ve changed names and locations to protect the innocent. This is madness on steroids.

At the time of writing, Scotland’s National Clinical Director (who’s a dentist in fact, but there you go) has just told me to ‘get your digital Christmas ready’. How exciting! On Professor Leitch’s Wikipedia page, under ‘Awards and Honours’, Prof Leitch is attributed with being ‘The Grinch who stole Christmas 2020’. We shouldn’t be surprised at this accolade. I have in my possession a confidential government document, ‘The UK Government’s Coronavirus Strategy’. Opening the document (well, it comprises one paragraph actually), it says, ‘Oh my God! We’re all going to die…

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